February 13th meeting

Our next monthly meeting will occur on Thursday, February 13th at 7:00 pm in room 1 of the Bellevue Library, 1111 110th NE, Bellevue, Washington. Our speaker, Mr. Bruce Lee, will give a presentation entitled:

A Family Tree for Sophie: An Adventure in Genetic Genealogy.

About our program:
Genetic genealogy is a different brand of genealogical research. It gives no names, no locations and only a rough generational estimate of times. What it does do is provide direct evidence of one’s genetic inheritance. To use it successfully requires well-documented family trees based on historical resources and it is highly dependent upon finding a number of both willing and knowledgeable collaborators. Bruce’s story starts with using DNA to cross over a brick wall in middle Tennessee in the early 1800s but it does not end there, rather it opens new windows leading to distant lands and different ethnicities. Welcome to Bruce’s family tree!

About our speaker:
After a 20 year Coast Guard engineering career, and he then moved on as a business administrator for a defense contractor providing engineering services to the FAA Airspace Modernization Program. From there he moved on to a programming career at a healthcare software provider, then a tax software provider, and finally as a Microsoft contract programmer. After retiring he sought to hone his oil painting skills at Bellevue College where he learned of a class in genealogy.

For information about our March meeting, click here. EGS flyer for Barbara G Johnson

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