About our Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held via Zoom on Thursday, September 8th, 2022 at 7:00 PM PST.


They Rarely Came Alone:
Looking at Social Networks to Find a Place of Origin in Germany.

Our speaker: Ute Brandenburg

About our speaker: Ute Brandenburg became
fascinated with old German when, as a child, she came
across a box of letters her German grandfather had written
during World War II. She taught herself to read, and
eventually to write, in Grandfather’s handwriting.
Educated in Germany, Ute has lived in Salt Lake City, where
she worked as a German research specialist. Her research
interests include tracing immigrants to their German
hometowns, building family trees with German records, and
studying the life experiences of emigrants

About our program: Looking at an immigrant’s social network in their place of settlement can provide valuable clues to their German origin. This lecture will demonstrate how passenger records, census records, newspapers, and US church records can shed light on an immigrant’s social circle, aiding in the identification of a German place of origin. Furthermore, research into the social network can provide a
compelling picture of a journey undertaken by a network of families, expanding our understanding of our ancestors’ life experience.

Click here to see the full program flyer. EGS Ute flyer sept 2022

The Zoom link will be posted after September 5th.

One thought on “About our Next Meeting

  1. I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the webinar this evening 3/10 on Researching Irish Records. Was there a handout available that you could send me? Thanks.


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