Save the date of September 15, 2018, for a Special Workshop featuring Maureen Taylor – The Photo Detective:
“Finding Family History in Your Picture Mysteries”

 “As a consultant and seminar leader, I help people rediscover their family history one picture at a time.  I start by studying clues within a picture — a hairstyle, a sign in the background, or the shape of a shirtsleeve — in order to identify a person, place or era. What follows from my genealogical expertise is uncovering the story behind the images of the past. That could mean shedding light on how those pictures fit into your family tale. Or discovering the history of the area in which those people lived.”

Where?  At Vasa Park Ballroom

3560 W Lake Sammamish Road SE, Bellevue, WA 98008

Doors open at 9 am—Three Workshops 9:30 am to 2 pm—
Private consultations available afterward by arranging through Maureen’s website. HERE

Workshop Topics

Identifying and Dating Family Photographs

Audiences love this interactive lecture on discovering who’s who in their family pictures. They’ll learn 10 easy steps for naming those unidentified pictures tucked away in shoeboxes.

Google Images and Beyond

Add new photographs to your family album by learning a few basic search techniques. A single photo can connect you to new genealogical data and a network of information.

Discovering Genealogical Clues in 19th-Century Photographs

A single photograph can unlock a family mystery. The details are in the photographic clues. Pictures document births, deaths, marriages, and more. Use an image as genealogical proof by understanding the language of family photographs.

Registration open until September 14th

Registration also available on the 15th at the event.

Registration- $25

Book sales and Vendor booths —  Door Prizes and Raffle

Maureen Taylor


Biographical Sketch: Maureen Taylor


Maureen Taylor is an internationally recognized expert on historic photograph identification, photo preservation, and family history research.


Sought out by clients all over the world from as far away as New Zealand, her pioneering work in historic photo research is unprecedented, evidenced by her success in solving photo mysteries. Ms. Taylor has a skilled eye for uncovering clues within a picture – a hairstyle, sign in the background, or shape of a shirtsleeve – in order to identify a person, place or era. What follows from her genealogical expertise is the story behind the images of the past, shedding light on what otherwise may remain unknown for centuries. It’s no wonder she was dubbed “the nation’s foremost historical photo detective” by The Wall Street Journal.


As a consultant and seminar leader, Ms. Taylor focuses on helping people rediscover their family history one picture at a time, tackle additional research if necessary and advises attendees on technical solutions to share those discoveries. She’s passionate about getting folks to dig deep into their family history to tell the story of their ancestors.


Ms. Taylor is a frequent keynote speaker on photo history, photograph preservation and family history at historical and genealogical societies, museums, conferences, libraries, and other organizations across the U.S., in London and Canada. She is the author of several books on her topics of expertise and was a guest on The View and The Today Show for completing Meredith Vieira’s family tree. Well-known publications including The Wall Street Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, The Boston Globe, Martha Steward Living, Germany’s top newspaper Der Spiegel, American Spirit, and The New York Times have featured Ms. Taylor’s photo and family history research. She also writes guidebooks, scholarly articles and online columns for such media as

She was recently a spokesperson and photograph expert for, an internationally known family history company.


Currently a contributing editor of Family Tree Magazine, Ms. Taylor also writes personal memoirs and narrative family histories for the Newbury St. Press of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. For more than a decade she’s searched for images of individuals who lived during the Revolutionary War but also lived into the age of photography. It’s currently a two-volume set titled, The Last Muster, and the quest for more photographs is ongoing.


Prior to launching her business in 1998, Ms. Taylor held distinguished leadership positions at the Boston History Collaborative, Rhode Island Historical Society, New England Historic Genealogical Society (Boston), and Houghton-Mifflin. She earned a Master’s Degree in history from Rhode Island College (Providence) and resides in Rhode Island.




March 2014

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